Alchemy is the seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. 

Ocean Alchemy is the philosophy that anything generated from the ocean can be transformed into something beautiful, organic, and transcendent. As land dwellers, we are always searching for new ways to explore the ocean, and to somehow integrate it into our daily lives. Whether you get your kicks from spearing a fish, diving the depths on one breathe, or gliding along with a tank on your back, Ocean Alchemy believes our love for the ocean is what binds us together.

Creative director and founder of Ocean Alchemy, Talia Greis, has established a collection of ocean inspired products that aims to celebrate the beauty and allure of the surrounding seas. Finding an expressive channel that reflects our love for the ocean was a key factor behind the creative process.

Our logo was developed with absolute simplicity, and a subtle aspect of crucial symbolism. We wanted to exhibit the fundamental essence of the ocean through out Ocean Alchemy's logo, which is why we have substituted the "O" for the Alchemist's symbol for SALT.



 Ocean Alchemy wants you to completely envelop yourselves in the culture of the ocean, and we're excited to be able to bring the ocean to you.